Monthly TBR: October 2019

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Happy October!

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It’s a new month, which means a new “To-Be-Read” pile.
Below is a photo of the books I plan to read this month.

October TBR


What is your top book pick to read in October?

Happy Reading!

Monthly TBR: April 2019

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Happy April!
It’s a new month,which means a new “To-Be-Read” pile.
Below is a photo of the books I plan to read this month.
Have you read any of these books yet? What did you think?



What books are listed on your April TBR?

Happy Reading!

Monthly TBR: December 2018

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Happy December! I know I’m a little late, but it’s a new month,
which means a new “To-Be-Read” pile. 

I’m joining a readalong and a readingathon this month, so my December TBR is filled with some holiday reads and a few more books that I cannot wait to read/reread.


IMG_0793I’m joining Miss Print’s “Cruel Prince Readalong” this month. You can find the full details here: #cruelprincereadalong

IMG_0800Along with a few of my monthly reads, I am also joining TistheSeasonathon

What books are listed on your December TBR?

Happy Reading!

Monthly TBR: November 2018

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Happy November! It’s a new month, which means a new “To-Be-Read” pile. 

November is an emotional month for me, so I decided to stick to reading a few of my favorite books to help ease some of that sadness. I have already read all of these books, but sometimes you just need to go back to reading a book that you know is good and will help you cope with hard times.



What books are listed on your November TBR?

Happy Reading!

Monthly TBR: October 2018

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Happy October! It’s a new month, which means a new “To-Be-Read” pile. 

This month, I decided to keep my TBR simple and FINALLY finish reading The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater. I have already read the first two books as ARCs a looong time ago, so I thought it would be a good idea to start from the beginning as a refresher. I cannot wait to dive back into this series and finally see what happens in the end….EEEKKKK!



What books are listed on your October TBR?

Happy Reading!

Top 5 Thursday: February TBR

It’s Top 5 Thursday, where as the week is winding down, I tell you the Top 5 Things I’m looking forward to in regards to the bookish world. 

Today I want to discuss the the Top 5 books I hope to read in the month of February.

  1. The Love that Split the World by Emily Henry:    I’ve heard nothing but great things about this book. You can’t go wrong with romance and time travel, right?! 
  2. Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard:    I am currently reading this book! I mysteriously and most graciously received this Red Queen Hidden Gem (#RQHiddenGem), a glass case with an advance reader’s copy of Glass Sword, from Epic Reads and HarperCollins

    IT IS HONESTLY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BOOK SWAG/GIFT I HAVE EVER RECEIVED AND OWN. Thank you again to everyone at Team Epic Reads and Harper for this wonderful gift. 

  3.  Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel:   I started this book in 2015, and I promise you, I am at least 50% through it, but I just can’t push myself to finish it. Station Eleven is not bad, it’s actually really, really good. So good that my brain refuses for it to ever end. Well brain, you’re finishing Station Eleven by the end of February…you got it! Also, I’m reading the UK hardcover version, because it’s prettier than the USA cover. 
  4. The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine:  I have met C.J. more than I can count on both my hands. I own all her books, all signed and personalized. They ALL sound badass with a badass heroine. C.J. is an extraordinary author, and she can fangirl with the best of us when it comes to adoring awesome authors. Whenever I hear C.J. speak at a book event, she makes me want to be a writer–she’s sassy, witty, strong, and kickass. During the 2015 Southern Festival of Books in Nashville, I won an ARC of The Shadow Queen (WOOT! WOOT!). the shadow queenIt has literally been in my tote bag (which I use as my purse, btw) since last Autumn. I can’t wait to read it this month. And be sure to pre-order this beautiful cover book. If you are one of the first 200 people to pre-order the book from Parnassus Books in Nashville, you will not only receive a signed (and personalized copy, if requested) book, but you will also receive an awesome swag pack. Pre-order HERE.
  5. First Kisses and Other Misfortunes by Kimberly Karalius:     This is a FREE e-book novella that provides the story of Nico and Martin’s relationship!!!celebration dance the middle sue heck eden sher

    You guys, IT’S FREE and we get to learn about Nico and Martin’s hopeful relationship. What more can fans of Love Fortunes and Other Disasters ask for?!!! NOTHING, WE CAN’T ASK FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN THEIR LOVE STORY!!! The Grimbaud Life continues and I’m on a hot air balloon floating up to happiness!!! 

♥ I’m a sucker for beautiful covers *swoons* 

The Love That Split the WorldGlass Sword (Red Queen, #2)Station Eleven

The Shadow Queen (Ravenspire, #1)First Kisses and Other Misfortunes

Alright, tentative FEBRUARY 2016 TBR list, HERE I COME!