Review Policy

My blog is mainly focused on reviewing books that are currently on my TBR list (FOUND HERE).

However, if your book is not found on my TBR list or you believe that I will sincerely be interested in your book based on my listed criteria below, please contact me at

Due to time constraints, I will only respond to review requests that I believe match my criteria listed below.


  • The book is on my TBR list (FOUND HERE)
  • Genres that I will read and review: Young Adult (specifically fantasy, magic realism, paranormal, sci-fi, Steampunk, dystopian, and some contemporary), New Adult, and Adult (fantasy, magic realism, Steampunk, paranormal, and historical romance).
  • Genres I will not read and review: erotica, biographies, self-help, religious, or politics.
  • For review purposes, I accept finished copies, Advance Reader Copies, audiobooks, e-books (Kindle), and e-ARCs/galleys (Kindle).
  • I am available to participate in author interviews, blog tours, guest posts, tour spotlights, blitzes, and giveaways.

Please Note

All my reviews will include the following:

  • Publishing information
  • Book cover art/image
  • My honest review, including my personal “rants” and “raves”
  • My overall rating*
  • Goodreads link to the book
  • A summary provided by the author, publisher, Amazon, or Goodreads
  • Release date
  • My favorite non-spoilery quotes (if applicable)
  • Links to purchase the book (if applicable)
  • Reactionary graphics or .gifs (if applicable)

*My rating system is based off Goodreads’ rating system, which ranges from a one (1) star signifying “did not like it” to five (5) stars signifying “it was amazing.”

All reviews will be posted on my blogging website and Goodreads. If requested, I will post my reviews to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. Additionally, I will promote my book review through my Twitter and Tumblr sites.

I will always leave an honest review. All words and opinions will be my own. If I dislike a book or “did not finish” (DNF) a book, I will write a sincere review that explains why I did not enjoy it or why the book did not work for me. I will not participate, engage, or promote in author or book bashing.

Requests and Inquiries

***All requests/inquiries must be sent to***

Please include the following information with your email:

  1. Requester’s name and contact information (email address)
  2. Publisher’s name
  3. Author’s name
  4. Title of book
  5. Brief summary of book
  6. Link to book’s Goodreads page and/or ISBN
  7. Book release date
  8. Date you would like me to post the review. (Please provide the book to me a month (30 days) in advance of the date you would like the review to go up on my blog).

I will also review any type of bookish products, including subscription boxes, shirts, candles, tote bags, mugs, and jewelry, etc.

Thank you!

And Happy Reading, bookish friends!