Top Ten Tuesday: Things On My Reading Wishlist

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Top Ten Things On Our Reading Wishlist

  1. Jane Eyre retellings. Because it’s my all-time favorite book and I think there should be more retellings of it.
  2. Young Adult books set in the 1980s. I’ve been rewatching The Carrie Diaries on Netflix, and I just love this series from the characters to the clothing to the music (and everything that screams 1980s!)
  3. Books about bookish people. I love reading about characters that are in love with books as much as I am. BOOK LOVE should definitely be promoted more. 
  4. Books set in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. The Cincinnati tri-state is my home, and I would love to see more books take place in this setting.
  5. Young Adult characters starting college. College is a huge life transition for young adults and I hate that it’s rarely written about in the young adult genre.
  6. More books written by Erin Morgenstern. I adored The Night Circus and I’ve been patiently waiting for more words and worlds to be written by Morgenstern for a very long time! 
  7. More enemies to lovers/friends. I don’t know what it is about this trope, but I always want to read more of it. 
  8. More Young Adult magical realism books. In the last few years, magical realism has been my favorite genre to read, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this genre pop up throughout the next few years. 
  9. Victorian Period romances. The Victorian period is my favorite era to study and read, so of course I want more swoony books to take place in this setting.
  10. More standalones or duologies. I like trilogies, but sometimes when a series is 4, 5, or even 8 books long…it’s just ridiculous. 

Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

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Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

  1. Overly used flowery language and purple prose.

  2. Books with more than two points of view. 

  3. If I’m told the dog dies. NOPE, NOT FOR ME!

  4. Pirates: I’m just never in the mood to read about pirates. I’m hoping this may change in the future, but right now I don’t care about pirates.

  5. Mermaids: I’m not a big fan of merpeople books; I couldn’t even tell you the last one I read.

  6. It’s a “Wuthering Heights” retelling. Ugh, no. I’m not a fan of WH, and I probably won’t be a fan of any retellings. 

  7. Cheating/affairs: I deal with divorces every day with my job, so I don’t want to read about them too. Give me a happy, swoony book and I’m good.

  8. Erotic fiction: No, thank you. I will pass on your odd descriptions of sex and overuse of vegetable comparisons.

  9. Terminal illnesses: Reading is my way to escape from real-life issues like this. Also, I just hate crying. 

  10. Christian fiction that comes off too preachy. 

What are some things that make you instantly NOT want to read a book?

Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book

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This week’s topic is…

Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book

  1. If the words “queen,” “royalty,” “crown,” “throne,” or “kingdom” are in the title of the book.
  2. Any book that features a fierce, badass heroine.
  3. If the book’s setting takes place in space or another galaxy.
  4. If the book is about witches, covens, or the Salem Witch Trials.
  5. The book features dragons.
  6. The book belongs to the Magical Realism genre.
  7. Anything written by Ilona Andrews and Leigh Bardugo.
  8. Books that take place in the 19th century. So basically any retelling of Jane Eyre, books about Victorians/Queen Victoria, and anything related to Edgar Allan Poe.
  9. If the book is a fairy tale retelling, especially “Snow White” and “Beauty and the Beast.” 
  10. Anything in the Steampunk genre. 

What are some things that instantly make you pick up a book?

Top Ten Tuesday: Most Unique Books I’ve Read

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Top Ten Of The Most Unique Books I’ve Read

(Click on the book cover to be linked to its Goodreads page)


From the very beginning, this book stunned me. The first chapter made my mouth drop as my brain contemplated, “what the hell just happened?” You guys, this book is intense and a constant page-turner.


I don’t want to spoil Bone Gap, but the main character is very unique when it comes to “seeing” people, which makes the whole story so heartbreaking and wonderful.


Sommer’s Truest is so painful and stunning! There is one particular character that shines brighter than the others, and it is her view and take on life that makes this story so riveting.


The Winner’s Trilogy is one of my favorite series. I love how Marie Rutkoski is able to intermingle so many genres (fantasy, romance, historical), and make the world and characters so unique and heart-crushing. 


The Accident Season put me through an emotional roller coaster–there is no other book out there like it. Prepare yourself to be inflicted with a family that faces emotional turmoil, broken spirits, and fragile hearts.


I have never read a book that made me appreciate my sense of smell more than The Secret of a Heart Note. This diverse book will fiddle with your heart and yearn to be an aromateur.


 I love how interactive this story is formatted. The book is uniquely told through images, log entries, background files, and more. I really enjoyed how fun and fast-paced it was.


You guys, Emily Henry is a word sorcerer and a magician of creating the most elaborate stories. A Million Junes is my favorite book of 2017. From the writing to the world building to the quirky characters, I AM UTTERLY IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK and how different it is to any story I have ever read. 


Before Wintersong, I had never read a retelling of one of my favorite Victorian poems. Wintersong sucked me in from the very beginning, and its unique take on Christina Rossetti’s cautionary poem “Goblin Market” and mixing it with a retelling of Labyrinth definitely won me over. 


You guys, I don’t know how to fully describe the epic-ness of Station Eleven, so I stole this quote from my review that I wrote on it: “Station Eleven is an intricate and well-written novel that consists of a non-linear storyline, unraveling plot twists, huge character development, and a post-apocalyptic wasteland concerned with humanity, humility, and survival.” This book requires all of your attention, and trust me, every single page will have ALL of your attention.

What are your favorite unique books? What made them stand out?

Top Ten Tuesday: Fandom Freebie

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This week’s topic is…

Top Ten Favorite Bookish-Fandom Stores

  1. Frostbeard

  2. NovellyYours

  3. BookBeau

  4. Out of Print Clothing

  5. Storybook Cosmetics

  6. The Melting Library

  7. Icey Designs


    Other Fandom Site recommendations

  8. Espionage Cosmetics (Fandom nailwraps, makeup, etc.)
  9. Society6   (Fandom pillows, blankets, mugs, etc.)
  10. HappyHello! (Magnetic bookmarks)