OctoBrew Thursday: Practical Magic’s Morning Mimosa

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Hi Everyone! It’s finally the month of all things Hallowe’en, which I personally love to fill with atmospheric reads, watching witchy movies, and drinking autumnal beverages. Today I come to you with a classic beverage that I shared in a past guest post for “Fortnight of Fright” two years ago. This drink is quick and simple to make. And it tastes amazing.

morning mimosa practical magic

One of the most iconic movie scenes of Practical Magic is the Midnight Margaritas dance party shared between the Owens’ women. But instead of being a traditionalist and creating a Midnight Margarita, I went with an brunch beverage. This would go so well with the pancakes that Gary can flip in the air. I call it the Morning Mimosa.

How amazing would it be to put together the most two simple ingredients together, champagne and orange juice, and then sit back and watch the two Owen sisters mess around with magic and the fate of love on the big screen. 


Ingredients and directions:
Pour your favorite champagne in a glass with equal parts orange juice. YUM!

And if you don’t drink champagne, you can always create an non-alcoholic alternative with carbonated mineral water or seltzer, like Perrier L’Orange flavored drink.


Happy October!


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