15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Childhood Favorites

  1. As bookish as I am now. I have only read TWO of these. Wanna hear something tragic? I did not know of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe until I was an adult. *shocked face* I know.

      • Yea, my husband was SHOCKED. He was like, how can you love books like you do and not know this?? Welp, I got books on my own and so no one exposed me to them I guess? I was reading Babysitters Club and RL Stine. I’ve literally read almost no children’s or adult’s classics except what they assigned in school. I’ve been buying old copies of them when I see them and now have quite a collection to read. I give them to my daughter (12) to read lol

  2. I love that your list has so many scray books on there. I think I would have loved those if I actually read books back then. Never got into it until a few years ago. Adjusted my ttt to books I want my future child to read! 🙂

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