10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Books I Read in School

  1. Some GREAT books on here. I would have loved Macbeth so much more if I hadn’t spent two whole months dissecting every bit of it. Sigh. Thus A Midsummer’s Nights Dream is my favorite Shakespearan play. But the rest of these are awesome. The Outsiders is one of my favorites. And TKAM is my all time favorite.

  2. Hi! I read so many of these too! I read Death of a Salesman instead of The Crucible. I don’t think I was ready for a lot of these in high school. I’ve had to reread a lot of classics that I read then because I don’t remember them or didn’t fully understand them ( I was still too hopeful lol).
    Great list!

  3. I read three of those in school, and totally loved To Kill a Mockingbird. I really enjoyed The Scarlet Letter and liked how it fit with the other books we read in American Lit class (all the books had some sort of prejudice in it).

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