Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Facts About Me


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This week’s topic is…

Ten Facts About Me

  1. I am a tote bag hoarder. TOTE BAGS ARE LIFE!!!
  2. The first time I took the Pottermore quiz, it asked me to choose my house between Gryffindor, Slytherin, or Ravenclaw. I screamed across the room, “I’M DIVERGENT,” to my brother. I ended up picking Ravenclaw, of course. 
  3. I’m an asparagus and kale junkie. 
  4. Friends and relatives randomly call me because they want to hear my laugh. 
  5. I love Diet Coke, and I’m convinced that the McDonald’s down the street from my job has the best Diet Coke on the planet. 
  6. I keep a copy of The Catcher in the Rye in my glove compartment of my car. 
  7. My brother, Johnny, my friend, Kayla, and I go to bookstores and play a game where we pick up an unknown book, and we have to describe the synopsis based on its cover. My favorite part is giving the characters names. 
  8. According to Goodreads, I own 366 signed books!
  9. I’m a mood reader, so this thoroughly explains my three reading slumps I have experienced this year, so far. 


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Facts About Me

  1. Happy blogoversary!!

    I just took the Pottermore quiz and i was on the phone and not paying attention and I got Hufflepuff. I was so devastated that I deleted my account, started over and even turned off the tv so I could take it with no distractions. Lol.
    I got Slytherin (and I am much happier with that) lol

    That divergent comment is so relevant. I feel like I’m Slytherin AND partly Ravenclaw. Lol

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