Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books That Will Make You Laugh


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This week’s topic is…

Ten Books That Will Make You Laugh

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When you pick up a graphic novel about a sassy shapeshifter teaming up with a villain, there are bound to be some chuckles. This graphic novel is cute and outright hilarious.


Hale has a great way in handling serious subjects, such as mental illness, with dark humor and a character with a sassy attitude.


TASoaH is a feel-good YA book worth reading. Beatrix and Jack are adorable, and they don’t hold anything back when it comes to their funny banter.


There are so many laugh-out-loud moments in this book (ex. “man monster”). Both Hannah and Garrett are the perfect and playful couple.


The banter between Kate and Curran is witty, funny, and sexy. I love these two and this series.


This book is clever, weird, and magical. The main character, Lennie, is snarky and the wishes that come true in the book are hilarious and so scary.


Mim, the main character, has the most sarcastic and dark humor  I have ever read in YA literature and I LOVE IT! She is gritty, raw, and hilarious.



The Harry Potter series is perfect in every way, so obviously, it definitely has some hilarious moments. 


One of the most funniest Shakespeare plays. There’s confusion and fairy shenanigans–it doesn’t get any better than that. 


Emily steps out of her shell after her best friend, Sloane, leaves her a “to-do” list to complete. There are a lot of moments that are awkward and definitely made me giggle. 


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